A proposed library, canteen and sports ground at Coláiste an Eachréidh, Athenry
Posted by admin, June 19, 2019

Student from Coláíste an Eachréidh presenting at the NASI exhibition 2018/19 in GMIT Galway, photo by Ste Murray

Tell us about the project: what was the starting point, what was the process, what was the outcome?

We wanted to give the students a broad view of the whole process an architect goes through when working on a project. We started with site analysis and brief generation and then allowed the students to explore their own interests through the concept stage. They then presented schemes to their peers in a mock review before coming together as a smaller group to take the design forward. We undertook a number of workshops which allowed students to experience certain aspects in more detail. Workshops on drawing, model making and structure have exposed students to new skill sets which they have used to aid their design process. The outcome aims to be a resolved design proposal which has come from the students’ own analysis, brief and design concepts.   

What the students came up with is a design for a new building with a ground floor canteen and first floor library which overlooks the existing sports ground on the school grounds. In order to provide views of the sports ground from the building, an existing shed is proposed for demolition. The interiors of the building are designed with function and circulation in mind, considering the need to accommodate both louder and quieter activities and busy and quiet periods in the school day.

The students’ perspective:

‘’I really enjoyed the architecture course, it was a really great opportunity to discover more about architecture and the architect was helpful throughout the whole course. This is a great program and a highlight of transition year.’’ Rachel Ruane           

’I really enjoyed doing the architecture course and learnt loads of different techniques when designing buildings!’’ Miz Dobell

The teacher’s perspective:

‘‘The students and I really benefited from taking part in the National Architects in Schools Initiative. It was a great experience and our partner Architect Shaun made it very interesting and engaging. I would highly recommend the course to teachers and students’’. Turlough Cuddihy

Group leaders: Shaun Merchant (architect) and Turlough Cuddihy (woodwork teacher)

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