Lighting design at St Mary’s Holy Faith, Glasnevin
Posted by admin, June 19, 2019

St. Mary’s students exploring lighting design ideas for the school play

As part of our preparations for the Transition Year cross-curricular performance, ‘The Endless Chase’, based on the iconic story of Diarmuid and Grainne with original script, dance, aerial acrobatics, costume and set design, a group of ten Transition Year students explored space, light and materials in their school environment with IAF architect in residence, Evelyn D’Arcy. They also had the opportunity to learn about set design and lighting from visiting set designer Sarah Foley.

Following these experiences they took inspiration from the school grounds to create ideas for the lighting arrangements in their TY production, ‘The Endless Chase’, at the Axis Theatre, Ballymun. The group has studied the school environment as an inspiration for the play’s setting. They have considered how to represent space using light, colour and sound and have distilled these ideas into sets for five different acts. The challenge in doing so lay in thinking about how to abstract physical form yet still make it recognisable, for example stained glass windows can be represented in coloured light projection, and dappled light can let the audience know the action is taking place in a forest. Architecture need not be physical!

Their ideas were further supported and put in place with the help of the tech crew at the Axis and they were given the opportunity to work alongside them in the light box during the performances.

We are grateful for the support of the Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF) and the Axis Theatre, Ballymun and funding from Creative Engagement (NAPD) and Creative Schools (Arts Council/Creative Ireland) with whose help this amazing experience would not have been possible.

Group leaders: Evelyn D’Arcy (architect) and Nadine Cunningham (art teacher)

Student quote: “I really liked experimenting with the different colours to show different feelings, and figuring out ways we could give the idea of a room using light instead of materials”

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