Comeragh College Tipperary – End of project presentation Apr 18, 2017

Transition year students completed their Architects in Schools project on Tuesday 4th April with a lively presentation to fellow TY students, first years, school principal and …

St Mary’s Secondary School Glasnevin  with Lyuba Stoimenova and Evelyn D’Arcy Mar 28, 2017

Over the course of three half day workshops, 30 TY students got a crash course in architecture and design. Using My Architecture Design Journal, the group …

Day 1 at Comeragh College Feb 28, 2017

Sarah O’Dwyer came to introduce us to the ‘National Architects in Schools Initiative’ and the project we will be doing as a part of our TY …

Comeragh College
How does Architecture Make you Feel? Dec 12, 2016

Project updates from Charleville CBS, Co Cork  Architect | Aoife Quane The students used the Irish Architecture Foundation’s ‘My Architecture Design Journal’ handbook to do an …

Drawing the Human Scale @ CPS Phibblestown Dec 7, 2016

December Updates from Colaiste Pobail Setanta, D15 Architects | Studio Anois  At the first workshop we investigated the students’ understanding of what architecture is. Many great suggestions were given, …

Castle Shenanigans! IAF hosts National Training Day Oct 3, 2016

Autumn Shenanigans at Charleville Castle! On Saturday 24 September, the IAF gathered with a fantastic group of architects and teachers amidst the stunning surrounds of Charleville Castle, …

Project Idea Bank: De La Salle Waterford Sep 19, 2016

Based on NSAI ’15/’16 project from:​ De La Salle Waterford ​ Key facts:​ School: De La Salle, Waterford​ Teacher: Elaine O’Connor​ Subject: Art​ Name of Architect: Emily Power​ No. of students: 24​ …

Architectural Perspectives from Cork Aug 30, 2016

My Design Journal Blog By Isobel Henry   As part of our transition year course, my class and I took part in a project held by ‘Irish …

2016 A1 PRES BOARD-2016
Back to (National Architects in) School! Aug 23, 2016

  It’s been a great year for the IAF’s National Architects in Schools Initiative, but the Education team here at the Irish Architecture Foundation HQ are gearing …

NASi Blog Image
Project Idea bank 2016: Larkin Community College, Dublin 1 Aug 22, 2016

Key facts School: Larkin Community College Teacher: Siobhan McKenzie, Art Teacher Name of Architect: Lyuba Stoimenova No. of students: 10 Workshop schedule: 6 x single classes …

Larkin 3
Project Idea Bank 2016: St. Joseph’s CBS, Fairview, Dublin Jul 27, 2016

Key facts_ School: St.Josephs CBS, Fairview, Dublin Teacher: Sam Lonergan Name of Architect: Blaithin Quinn, Artist and Architect No. of students: 12 Workshop schedule: 4 x …

Fairview 7
Project Idea Bank 2016: Colaiste Choilm, Ballincollig, Cork Jul 20, 2016

Key facts_ School: ColaisteChoilm, Ballincollig, Co. Cork Teacher: Danny Moynihan Name of Architect: SeánAntóin Ó Muirí  – Fuinneamh Workshop Architects No. of students: 12 When it …

Ballincolig 1
Project Idea Bank 2016: St. Joseph’s Castlebar, Mayo

Key Facts_ School: St Jospeh’s Castlebar, Mayo Teacher: Niamh Sweeney Architect: Orla Murphy No. of students: 18 Girls Break up of workshop: 6 weeks, 7 visits …

St Josephs 2
Project Idea Bank 2016: Colaiste Pobail Setanta, Dublin

Key facts_ School: CPS Setanta, Clonee Teacher: Paul Hickey Name of Architect: Laura Carroll No. of students: 21 Workshop schedule: 5 double classes When it took …

Clonee 5
Project Idea Bank 2016: Carigallen Vocational School, Leitrim

Key facts_ School: Carrigallen Vocational School Teacher: Brian Mulvey Name of Architect: Elizabeth Clyne No. of students: 23 Workshop schedule: 2 full days, 2 visits When …

Carigallen 9
Project Idea Bank 2016: Ballyhaunis Community School, Mayo

Key facts_ School:BallyhaunisCommunity School, Mayo Teacher:Patrick McGarry, Engineering Teacher Name of Architect:Patrick Dunne No. of students: 20 mixed Workshop schedule: 6 x triple classes, 1 x double class …

Ballyhaunis 5
Coláiste Choilm, Cork Mar 9, 2016

Transition Year Construction studies Students at Colaite Choilm, Ballincollig, Co Cork completed their National Architects in Schools project for the third time earlier this year led …

Christ King Girls School Cork Nov 5, 2015

Architecture Blog Post written by Niamh Hurley Before commencing our project on the National Architects in Schools Initiative, my art class and I were all anticipating …

Dublin schools give presentations galore! May 5, 2015

National Architects in Schools Initiative May 1 Dublin Schools Event Library, Conference and Expo Centre St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra Our National Architects in Schools Initiative event …

Architects in the making at our Donegal Schools Event Apr 21, 2015

National Architects in Schools Initiative April 17, Schools Event Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal We had a full house at our National Architects in Schools …

TY students present design ideas to local councillors! Apr 8, 2015

Coláiste Na Carraige, An Charraig with architect Anna Meehan Transition year students from Coláiste Na Carraige recently took part in a collaborative design workshop with architect …

Exhibition pavilion design ideas by Coláiste Ailigh students

Coláiste Ailigh, Letterkenny with architect Claire Burke Transition year students from Coláiste Ailigh in Letterkenny, in collaboration with architect Claire Burke, have produced brilliant design ideas …

Innovative bus shelter designs by Crana students

Crana College, in Co. Donegal with architect Breege Galbraith As part of our Architects in Schools programme, transition year students from Crana College in Co. Donegal …

Magh Éne students create design ideas for Bundoran Apr 7, 2015

Magh Éne College, Co. Donegal with architect Paddy Dunne Transition year students from Magh Éne College, recently took part in a collaborative design workshop with architect …

Modern architectural intervention ideas by Deele College students

Deele College, Raphoe Co. Donegal with architect Siobhán Mc Cafferty As part of our Architects in Schools programme, transition year students from Deele College will be …

Loreto students take designs to the town! Mar 31, 2015

Loreto Community School, Donegal with architect John Curran As part of our exciting Architects in Schools programme, transition year students from Loreto Community School recently took …

Field Trip – St. Mary’s Glasnevin Mar 9, 2015

Transition Year students from St. Mary’s Glasnevin explored the nearby Margaret Aylward Centre today. Designed by mola architecture, this newly opened retreat and inter-faith centre is …

Rooftop views at the retreat
Casino Marino write up by TY student Conor Byrne Jan 28, 2015

School: Belvedere College, Architect: Jacinta Curley On the 12 of January me and my art class went on a school trip to the Marino Casino in …

Belvedere visit Casino Marino Jan 23, 2015

Belvedere College with Jacinta Curley Transition Year students from Belvedere are using Casino Marino as a starting point for their architecture project. They made a close …

Basement at Casino Marino
Colaiste Choilm exhibition Apr 23, 2014

A public exhibition of work made by students will be launched by Jerry Buttimer TD on Tuesday April 29th at Ballincollig Shopping Centre. All welcome – …

Oughterard Architecture! Apr 15, 2014

Students from St. Paul’s Secondary School Oughterard have been getting creative during workshops with Architect Michael Walshe. These images show their work with paper models, making …

Donegal calling… Mar 26, 2014

Students from Magh Ene College Bundoran have been working with architect Patrick Dunne We’ve been holding the architecture module on Monday mornings in Bundoran. Our main …

Coláiste Choilm continued

Students from Coláiste Choilm Ballincollig spent February and March developing their architecture projects in workshops with Seán Antóin Ó Muirí. After lots of preparatory work and …

group photo
Final adventures in design from St Jospeh’s Mar 6, 2014

Check out this update from St Jospeh’s where Evelyn D’Arcy and TY students share their final design adventures. DAY 6 Day 6 provided a break from the …

image 2
Tree Houses Mar 4, 2014

  Check out these examples of tree houses suspended above the forest.     Take a closer look at them here: The Tree Hotel in Sweden …

Temporary Pavilions Feb 27, 2014

  Check out these examples of temporary pavilions.       Take a closer look at them here. Skate shelters Fragile Shelter Pollytunnel      

Timber Pavilions Feb 25, 2014

Check out these timber pavilions.     Take a closer at them here: Lucid Stead Installation Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion Swoosh Pavilion Driftwood Pavillion   …

timber pavilion
Brick Pavilions Feb 23, 2014

Check out these pavilions that utilise brick , for both structure and aesthetics.     Take a closer look at them here: Vaulted Brick Pavilion House …

brisk pavillions
Walking City Film: Material and Pattern in Architecture Feb 21, 2014

  Check out this film animating materials and patterns in architecture, by Universal Everything.     Watch the film ‘Walking City’ by Universal Everything here. Walking …

Final Adventures in Design by New Ross Students Feb 20, 2014

  Week 7 The students were given their design challenge last week. The aim was to come up with concepts and designs for an internal courtyard space …

Image 3
Mapping Spaces Feb 19, 2014

  Check out these alternative ways of mapping cities, spaces and landscapes.     Have a closer look at them here Map of Manhattan Urban Landscapes

Urban Camping Feb 17, 2014

Check out these architectural shelters for urban camping.     Take a closer look at them here. Shelters for urban camping

Pavilions and Installations Feb 15, 2014

  Check out these architectural pavilions.     Have a look at them here Pavilion installation at the Maxxi Chameleon Cabin Hilltop Solarium

Inspiring Workspaces of the famously Creative Feb 12, 2014

  Check out the images below showing inspiration on famously creative people’s work spaces.     Check them out at: Inspiring Workspaces of the Famously Creative …

The latest from Cork! Feb 7, 2014

Students from Coláiste Choilm Ballincollig have really got stuck in to their architecture project with Seán Antóin Ó Muirí. One of their first activities was an …

Architects in Schools Colloquium Presentations Feb 4, 2014

On February 22nd, the IAF held an Architects in Schools Colloquium at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. This was an opportunity for participants to meet and …

Update from St Angelas

Architect Francis Shier is working with Transition Year students from St. Angela’s Week 1 After brief introductions with the Transition Year students of St Angela’s College …

Update From New Ross

 Michael Flynn is the “Architect-in-School” at Good Counsel College, New Ross. Here’s what they’ve been up to lately. Week 5 As part of Task 5 ‘Map …

image 1
Update from Belvedere College

 Jacinta Curley is our “architect-in-school” working with  a Transition Year group at Belvedere College, Dublin. Week 1 With palpable anticipation, excitement and some nervousness, we  (19 …

image 2
Update from St Joseph’s in Dublin 7 Jan 21, 2014

DAY 4 Back after a lovely long Christmas break and ready to get cracking, today we began our lesson by recapping on all the work we’d …

image 9
Crana College, Donegal Jan 14, 2014

Crana College have set up their own blog for their TY Architects-in-Schools project. All the students have individual posts up. Its amazing, check it out: …

Update from New Ross Jan 7, 2014

Check out the first update from Good Counsel College in New Ross! ‘I met TY3, the transition year class from Good Counsel College, New Ross who …

Portraits Collection
First Update from St Joseph’s in Dublin 7 Dec 18, 2013

Check out this update from St Joseph’s in Dublin 7! by Evelyn D’Arcy who is working with a Transition Year student group at the school as …

feature image 1
Teen Create IAF@IMMA Nov 13, 2013

Check out Teen Create IAF@IMMA.   Workshop for 12-15 yr olds inspired by exhibitions Eileen Gray and The Everyday Experience, led by Síle Stewart from the …

GIMG_8389boys1 REDUCED
Place Shapers

Check out these architecture projects by North Dublin teenagers! The Place Shapers project teamed up architects with second level students from two Fingal schools, in North …

The Orchard Classroom Aug 27, 2013

Architects in school: Santa Sabina School Sutton Students in Santa Sabina, Sutton, did a project with architect Kate Dowling, looking at spaces in their school and …

Online Resources Apr 22, 2013

This blog will continue to grow and change as the project develops, becoming a huge online resource for all architecture projects in schools. Tune in regularly …

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Cork School exhibits IAF project Apr 23, 2014

Jerry Buttimer TD will open an Architecture Exhibition by students of Coláiste Choilm, a school participating in the IAF’s National Architects in Schools Initiative, at Ballincollig …